The Shire of Darkstone and the Cadets of Northshield proudly invite you to celebrate those who inspire us at our

Inspirational Invitational
on June 20th, 2015 (AS 50) at
Bayfield County Fairgrounds
N Main St
Iron River, WI 54847

Site Fees
Gate fee: $10
Non-Member Surcharge: +$5
Camping Fee: $0
Electrical Hookup: $15/day


Travel to US-2 by your favorite route.
From the West: Iron River is approximately a half hour east of Superior. As you approach the town, you'll see a sign pointing to the fairgrounds. Turn left and follow the road to the fairgrounds. If you cross the bridge and enter the 25mph speed zone, you've gone too far. But never fear, you have another chance!
From the East: Iron River is approximately a half hour west of Ashland. Once entering the town proper, take a right on N Main St and follow it to the fairgrounds. If you miss the turn, N Main St does a loop back to US-2 just west of town.

Site Rules
Site Map
  • Gate will open at 8am on Saturday. Gate may be open Friday evening as well, subject to staff whims.
  • Camping is encouraged and free! There is a daily charge if you need an electrical hookup; please arrange this at gate.
  • Site is considered discretely wet in accordance with all mundane laws. White Winter Winery is right in town, and makes fabulous mead.
  • Campfires will be permitted, but must be self-contained in an above-ground, free standing enclosure. The usual rules apply: Keep them away from tents, don't leave them unsupervised, and have a bucket of water or sand in order to put it if anything goes wrong.

  • Activities
    We have invited the most noble Ladies of the Rose and Persephone's Circle to sponsor tournaments of chivalry and honor throughout the day. In addition, we will have several non-martial games of contest and skill available for play as well, so that all may choose to compete in a manner of their choosing.

    TimeArmored CombatUnarmored CombatCut & Thrust CombatArchery

    Event Staff
    Steward: Señor César López de La Coruña - wlulham *
    Armored MiC: Master Toki Magnusson - toki.magnusson *
    Unarmored MiC: Honorable Lord Ahlwin von Hildebrand - trueblade32 *
    C&T MiC: Lady Killien - jessi.dogtraining *
    Archery MiC: Master Geoffrey of Warwick - geoffreyofwarwick *