The Village of Hvítskógar and the Shire of Darkstone
Invite you to join in the:
Danse Macabre

    o matter what your station in life, Death unites us all...

The time has come once more and the Village of Hvítskógar and their sponsor group of the Shire of Darkstone invite you to leave behind the vain glories of life and join in dance!

From Bransles to Belly, Gresley to Morris,  English country to  S.C.A. original dances
and so much more!
Never danced before? Not a problem!
There will be classes on period style dancing for all skill levels that will culminate into a masked ball at the end of the night!

So dress in your best and don a mask as we dance the night away!

Event pages created by Marcial de Salas (J.P. Salazar)
Dance of Death image by Michael Wolgemut (modified by J.P. Salazar)
Paneled buttress and Hammer beam roof designs from (modified by J.P. Salazar)
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Saturday, October 27th, 2012
Ironwood Township MI